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Features of branches in the industry of Russia

Leading branches of domestic industry

Almost the most important branch of the economy of our country is an industry. While studying this question, one should consider the industry in Russia by branches.

Leading branches of industry are mechanical engineering and metalworking, followed by the chemical and petrochemical industries. These directions are developing most successfully in our country, and their share is the largest percentage. It is worthwhile paying special attention to a mechanical engineering – it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this branch in the industry of Russia because it supplies equipment for all other industries. Mechanical engineering itself is divided into a huge number of subindustries. As a rule, manufactures are located near large cities with developed infrastructure.

As well as mechanical engineering, all branches in the industry of Russia depend on the fuel and energy industry. It includes various enterprises producing oil, gas, coal, as well as complexes for transportation and processing, and, undoubtedly, electric power enterprises.

Russia is developing all industries, but the first thing that attracts the attention of all other countries is the development of our agriculture. This is a huge branch in the industry of Russia. This includes both animal husbandry, agriculture, and much, much more. A huge number of people in Russia are employed in this branch of industry.

As for the most important industries, it is necessary to say that some of the leading branches of industry are also the chemical and petrochemical industries, and, undoubtedly, metallurgy. With regard to metallurgy, it is divided into ferrous and non-ferrous ones in our country. This division depends on what kind of raw materials an enterprise uses. The chemical industry is also divided into several subindustries.


Problems and prospects of an industry in Russia by branches

The Russian industry has a number of problems, one of which is a lack of investment. Many enterprises need a modernization of the equipment, qualified personnel, assistance in the sale of products— addressing these issues would significantly expand the prospects for the Russian economy.

As for the industries, whose position now leaves much to be desired, they can be attributed to light industry. It should be noted that the state recently provided some benefits to this branch in the industry of Russia, but even with this in mind, support from this side is clearly not enough for active development. Nevertheless, it is in this industry that more and more factories are opening, unfortunately, no less is being closed.

Considering an industry in Russia by branches, many people noted that in recent years, the automotive industry has been very promising. It is constantly being modernized; all new models are being manufactured. It is interesting to note that, despite the often cool attitude of Russians themselves towards domestic cars, they are very popular in Europe, in particular in Germany and France. We would like to pay attention to the defense and aerotechnical industries. Over the past years, the State is providing substantial support to these areas and this has yielded results.