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Electricity tariffs in the industrial parks of Russia

Level of electricity tariffs for legal entities in Russia in 2017

Russia is the only state on the territory of Europe with low energy tariffs for business. In particular, electricity tariffs in Russia are the lowest in Europe. Largely due to the affordable electricity tariffs in Russia, our country continues to draw the attention of foreign businesses and investors to the localization of production facilities. Today, entrepreneurs and investors from Germany, the USA and France are actively locating their productions on the territory of the Russian Federation. Today, such industries as an automotive industry; production of consumables, consumer goods, and building materials; food industry, metallurgy and other industries are actively developing. The above-mentioned areas imply a significant amount of energy consumption, so the fact that electricity tariffs in Russia 2017 remain low, contributes to the emergence of more new enterprises and the development of production on the territory of the Russian Federation. Although electricity tariffs are growing at an average annual rate of 5%, Russia has now developed some of the most attractive business conditions, including the low cost of electricity in Russia in 2017.

Tariffs by regions of Russia: where is the lowest cost of electricity?


Electricity tariffs in Russia vary according to the region. The cheapest price of electricity in Russia 2017 is in the Irkutsk region (0. 97 rubles, kWh). Also, low electricity tariffs are now in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Chelyabinsk Region, Tambov, and Tula Regions. At the same time, the Kamchatka Krai, where the cost of the kWh is 8.174 rubles, became the region with the highest electricity tariff in Russia 2017. The list of anti-leaders includes also: Magadan Region, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, and Yakutia. The industrial sites and industrial parks are operating today almost in all regions of Russia. Depending on the specifics of the enterprise and the electricity rate that is acceptable to you, you can undertake a review of production localization proposals by the regions of Russia and decide where to place the future project most effectively.


The Russian industrial sites are unlikely to fall below the modern western industrial parks by the level of service. And the low electricity tariffs in Russia constitute the additional advantage for enterprises wishing to localize production in a particular region of the Russian Federation. Generally, in addition to the low cost of energy resources, domestic industrial parks are striving to ensure the most comfortable environment to attract more new residents from Russia and abroad. To this end, they apply mechanisms such as tax incentives, investor targeting for residents' projects and co-investing of projects by the managing company of the industrial park, as well as consolidated logistics, and provide their residents with their own autonomous infrastructure and all necessary communications, including electricity supply. Enterprises that are localized in industrial parks are able to meet the challenges of adapting production facilities quickly and at a minimum cost due to the additional business requirements that arise. Thus, the managing companies of industrial parks of Russia facilitate the increase of the amount of electricity consumption at the request of residents. Operations staff performs it in the shortest possible time. Business can save up to 15% of the working capital.