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The lease of manufacturing land на on favorable terms

The lease for manufacturing land in Russia. What do you need to know about this?

To date, the lease of manufacturing land in Russia is in great demand among businesses. The interest of entrepreneurs in industrial real estate is due to the attractive conditions for the location of manufacture, which our country offers both to foreign investors and to Russian entrepreneurs. To lease of manufacturing land in Russia is much cheaper than in any of the European countries. In addition to the low cost of land and real estate, the advantage of Russia as a country for the localization of industrial enterprises is cheap labor and low rates for energy supply.

The lease for manufacturing land is now offered in different regions of Russia. The real estate market is replete with offers of the plots of various areas with necessary communications supplied and without them, located near or remote from highways and transport hubs, with buildings and structures raised and greenfields. Of course, the cost of the lease of manufacturing land depends on the parameters of the object.

For example, if the lease of land – whether a manufacture will be placed on it or a logistics center – is expected in Moscow or the Moscow Region, the cost of such a lease of manufacturing land will be quite high. At the same time, the rates of a lease for manufacturing land in other regions, such as Tula Region, Tambov Region, Chelyabinsk Region, and others, will be an order of magnitude lower. However, choosing the location for the future enterprise, it is also necessary to take into account how and where the finished products will be sold and how to effectively organize transport and logistics processes in this regard. So, sometimes it is more profitable not to save on such parameters as the lease of land – manufacture, or rather the finished product can be targeted at a very specific target audience, for example, the population of a particular region. In this case, the savings on transport costs will be more justified.


To lease of manufacturing land: valuable advices

If you decide to lease of manufacturing land, you need to know the following information. You can lease land from a private person or organization, as well as from the state. Of course, before renting a land, you need to think over in which region you will locate the future enterprise, where raw materials will be supplied, where you will sell the finished products, and how much transportation and logistics costs would cost.

The main problem that you can face in the process of the lease for manufacturing land is the discrepancy between your needs for the established type of permitted use of the land. Before making a deal, make sure that the land that you plan to lease out for the location of the manufacture has an appropriate designated purpose to avoid trouble. So, for example, if the plot of land is intended for the location of warehouses, you cannot build a maintenance station or filling station in this territory.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that in the absence of gas, electricity, water, sewage, and communications, the land for industrial use can be inexpensive. However, further accompanying construction and harmonization of permits for it in state institutions, as well as independent compilation of necessary communications, can cost you much more both in terms of money and in terms of time, and saving on land will be unjustified. It is conceivable when the provision of communications is impossible in principle.