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The infrastructure of an industrial facility and its development

The infrastructure of industrial enterprises: its condition and role in development

The infrastructure of an industrial facility plays a key role in the smooth development of production. The infrastructure of industrial enterprises correctly-organized directly affects the development of production and as a consequence—it contributes to the economic growth of the Russian Federation. Therefore, during the organization of manufacture, special attention should be paid to the industrial infrastructure of modern enterprise.

What is the infrastructure of an industrial facility?

The infrastructure of the enterprise is provided by the subdivisions that serve the manufacture. They can have a basic and auxiliary character; they all help the uninterrupted operation of the manufacture. The facilities of industrial infrastructure are various directions for the organization of quality production, and then—the sale of the products manufactured.

The infrastructure of an industrial facility includes:

  • Engineering infrastructure which serves to provide elements such as electricity, water, gas, lighting, and communications.
  • Tooling service which serves to provide the facility with the necessary tools, equipment, and is responsible for their use, storage, and repair. The tooling service can be very diverse; it is determined by the type of a manufacture, as well as the type of the products manufactured.
  • Maintenance service is designed to ensure non-stop operation of the equipment.
  • Material and technical equipment (logistics) is necessary to provide the company with the necessary materials, depending on its needs. It can be materials for manufacturing and technical resources.
  • The industrial infrastructure of the enterprise also depends on well-organized transport facilities. Its main task is the uninterrupted servicing of the facility with transport opponent capacity for moving a certain cargo within the framework of production work.
  • Information provision occupies an important place in the infrastructure of modern industrial facility. In modern realities, the role of information technologies cannot be overemphasized; they contribute to the improvement of the process of exchanging the results of the work and information in the course of its conduct. Information technologies advance rapidly, and right now, it is possible to talk about the company’s success in terms of introducing and mastering new technologies. The only downside is the high cost of new technologies, because not every manufacture is ready to allocate the necessary amount for equipment. This factor slows down the process of complete information support of industrial facilities.


The industrial infrastructure of the enterprise—the resident of the industrial park

Providing the facilities of the industrial infrastructure with everything it needs is a complex and painstaking process, to which the professionals of their craft are engaged. Today, there are options for industrial enterprises to locate their manufactures on a site already equipped with all services. It is available to residents of industrial parks who can get all the necessary infrastructure for their industrial enterprises on the site of an industrial park.

Thus, the infrastructure of an industrial facility and its provision is the most important condition for the functioning and development of the manufacture. Manufacturers have several ways to provide infrastructure to the enterprises: independently organize the infrastructure, using the help of specialists, or become a resident of an industrial park, where the industrial park and the management company will be responsible for all necessary services.