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Best offers of premises for production in Moscow region

The benefits of renting premises for production in Moscow region

If you have been browsing the catalogues of commercial real estate objects for months in an effort to find a suitable place for production, then Moscow region is a place you should consider first when making a decision about where to place an industrial enterprise.

The Moscow districts have a great investment potential. Foreign and Russian business every year shows an increasing interest in the placement of various industrial enterprises on the territory of the Moscow region which itself stimulates the commercial real estate market and leads to an increased demand for production premises, warehouses, industrial lands and similar objects.

So, what are the roots of economic attractiveness of the Moscow region and why many entrepreneurs think more often about renting or even purchasing premises for production in the Moscow region?

  • First of all, it should be noted that the Moscow districts rank 11th in the rating of the regions of the Russian Federation in terms of the purchasing power of the population. This means that the consumer activity of the population of the Moscow region is at a sufficiently high level.
  • Secondly, the logistics potential of the Moscow region is one of the strongest aspects of the region. 11 federal level highways cross Moscow region, connected by ring roads (Moscow Ring Road, А107, А108), as well as the largest railways. In addition, it is in Moscow districts that two operating international airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo are located, as well as Ramenskoye freight airport and Chkalovsky, Myachkovo and Kubinka airfields. It is thanks to the good transport and logistics potential of the region, that renting premises for production in the Moscow region is in high demand by entrepreneurs from Moscow, other regions of Russia and even foreigners.
  • Finally, the Moscow region is attractive for business in terms of labor resources. Economically active population in the region exceeds 4 million people, with 71% having higher or professional education. Despite the proximity of the region to Moscow, the expenditures of entrepreneurs connected with payment of salaries in the Moscow region are lower than in the capital. On average, the salary of an employee of an enterprise located on the territory of the Moscow Region is 30% lower than that in Moscow.

Relatively inexpensive and yet qualified labor, well-developed transport and logistics system in the region, the high consumer activity of the population, as well as tax breaks, the support of producers from a number of state institutions and administration of the Moscow region, qualitative and affordable offers of industrial sites - all this makes renting premises for production in Moscow districts a profitable investment for business.

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What must be considered when choosing premises for production in the suburbs

  • If you decided to rent premises for production in Moscow districts, then before you choose the most appropriate option, you need to study carefully what’s available on the market. Premises for production in the Moscow region are offered today by private owners, municipal authorities and various industrial sites, including industrial parks. The advantage of the latter is that they provide an opportunity to pick up a production space (Moscow region and many other regions) that is best suited for the needs of the future facility, that is one that can be adapted to the requirements of a particular enterprise by a number of parameters. This means reorganization and adjustment of systems (ventilation, fire, security, etc.) inside the finished premises, depending on the requirements of a particular project, provision of additional electrical capacities that may be required for startup and operation of your future production facility. Naturally, all sites offered by industrial parks to manufacturers are equipped with the necessary communication systems, asphalted entryways and other necessary infrastructure.
  • When signing a contract with the owner on renting premises for production in the Moscow region, you must make sure that the purpose of the building itself and the land where it is located corresponds to the type of activity that you will carry out on this site in the future. To minimize your own risks, it is best to hire professional lawyers who will accompany your transaction.
  • Naturally, due to the availability of infrastructure and high quality of construction, production sites at first glance may cost a bit more when purchased from industrial developers. However, after becoming a resident of an industrial park or a special economic zone you can qualify for tax benefits and other types of privileges from the state which will allow you to save operation funds. Thus, instead of pursuing the lowest cost per square meter, do calculate first the economic benefits that you will get in different cases. Only a balanced and well-thought approach will allow you to make the correct decision. Only then you will fully realize that the most promising region where it is possible to rent premises for production is Moscow districts.