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Sale of commercial real estate in Russia. Land for production purposes

Where are the most profitable offers of land for production in Russia (Kazan and other regions)

In the commercial real estate segment, lands and industrial buildings in particular, one of the most usual types of transactions is sale. Land for production in Russia is in demand both among domestic businesses and foreign entrepreneurs. The increased interest of investors in the acquisition of land for the subsequent placement of production complexes is due to the fact that in recent years it has become profitable to produce in Russia. The government stimulates Russian and foreign investors to localize production in Russia in every possible way. Subsidizing, reduced loan interest rates, tax incentives, various means of supporting the export of products manufactured in Russia to foreign markets – all these measures are aimed at the development of production. This, in turn, positively affects the market of land for production purposes – the sales are growing. Today you can buy land for production in Moscow and Moscow region or virtually in any region of Russia. The area of the lot, availability of communications, vehicle access, market outlets and opportunities for the region in terms of sales production, cost of utilities – all these criteria form the price of the lot, and it depends on these factors whether it will be sold quickly. The land for production implies significant investments; therefore it is necessary to approach the selection of a site for the future business project with all seriousness. This should be a deliberate, meaningful action. Of course, the most expensive offers of land for production can be found in the Moscow region. This is due to the proximity to the economic center of Russia, the availability of international airports and numerous railway junctions, as well as an impressive sales market. However, do not rush to buy land for production in Moscow without having studied offers in other regions. Thus, it is worth paying attention to the land for production in Chelyabinsk which is being sold in the industrial parks of the region. Chelyabinsk is attractive in terms of the presence of a large raw materials market. Another advantage is the low cost of electricity for business. Finally, having acquired land for production in Chelyabinsk, you can sell your products to Asian markets: the geographic location of the region has created all necessary conditions. Another region, which is worth paying attention, due to the profitability of land for production is Kazan. The large river port, the railway junction and the level of development of the transport highway, the good raw material potential of the region and the loyalty of local authorities towards investors will make investments in land for production in Kazan a profitable expenditure.


Land for production purposes in Russia. Sale of lots – what does a buyer need to know?

Before buying a lot for the construction of a production facility in any region, you need to make sure that it will be profitable in terms of:

  • vehicle access;
  • convenience for entrance of trucks;
  • distance from populated areas and the possibility of organizing the work of employees of the future facility;
  • presence of a sanitary protection zone.

In addition, you need to make sure that the lot is intended for purposes which are not in conflict with your intentions to build any given production facility on its territory.