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Where to lease or to buy plots of land for warehouses?

How to choose a plot for the construction of a warehouse?

If you are looking for plots of land for warehouses, then you need to take into account some of the circumstances that may ultimately depend on the success of your business. First of all, pay attention to the fact that, from the point of view of transport accessibility, the plot for the construction of the future warehouse was located as conveniently as possible — in relation to your office and based on the logistics of the company. Ideally, an arterial road (arterial thoroughfare) that provides communication with a nearby business center and other localities should pass near the plot. It is good if the land for warehouse is located in the immediate vicinity of the railway station. This gives it additional advantages in terms of transporting goods to other regions of the country and even abroad. Now there are many offers of plots of land for warehouses in the industrial property market. However, despite this, the demand for them remains consistently high. The best option is to buy or to lease a plot for the construction of a warehouse in one of Russian industrial parks. The advantages of organizing a warehouse on the territory of an industrial park are as follows. At first, industrial parks are equipped with the necessary engineering and municipal infrastructure. As a rule, they offer residents plots with already laid communications (power supply, water, sewerage, and heating). This means that cares for obtaining technical conditions, the execution of various documents, which are delayed, sometimes, for months, and even years, are removed from the owner of the business. In fact, the entrepreneur receives a ready plot of land for a warehouse, where he/she can immediately begin construction of the facility. Another advantage of residents of industrial parks is the guarantee of industrial application of a land. Landholders or owners of plots of land and structures in the territory of industrial parks can be assured of the “correct” legal status of the lands. This, in a sense, gives them guarantees that in a few years, the purpose of land would not be reconsidered, the category would not be changed, and their business would not be outlawed. Thus, it is possible to formulate the basic rules for choosing the land for warehouse:

  • availability of engineering infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, heating, sewerage, telecommunications, etc.);
  • good transport accessibility, immediate proximity of the railway infrastructure for the transport of goods;
  • goal destination for warehouses, confirmed by the necessary documents.
  • plots of land for warehouses

    The land for warehouse — rent or property?

    Often, business owners are not ready to invest huge amounts of money to purchase commercial or industrial real estate in the property, whether buildings or land. This is due to the changing economic situation, the lack of confidence in the future, or the elementary calculations of the project profitability. Today, industrial developers, in addition to offering traditional sales of a plot of land and long-term lease of land for warehouse, enter the market with a new product — real estate leasing.

    lease of land for warehouse

    Operators of industrial parks, realizing that investments in construction are the dead capital that a business could use for operational activities, offer entrepreneurs plots of land for warehouses and industrial buildings as ready to use. Thus, to date, the market for industrial real estate presents products for business: sale, leasing, and lease of land for warehouse, which absolve clients from all development risks, as well as capital costs at the initial stage.