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Which plot is suitable for placing production facilities

Features of plots of lands that are suitable for production facilities

The entrepreneur always looks for opportunities to expand and develop his/her business, and building his/her own production will not only solve this problem but also significantly increase profits. However, before buying a plot for production facilities, first of all, it is necessary to provide for a number of factors that will help make the correct, promising, and – most importantly – quickly payback choice. After all, from the point of view of doing business, investing in land should be profitable. Thus, there are a number of nuances, when considering which you can determine the appropriate manufacturing lands:

  • Land for commercial use – that is, you buy a plot for a specific purpose – for example, to build a varnish-and-paint plant. Thus, it is necessary to determine: what category of land does the plot belong to and is it suitable for the construction of manufacture, that is, whether it is appropriately authorized for it. If it is not provided, then it is necessary to make a transfer to the required category and subsequently use the purchased manufacturing land, or if the transfer is impossible – to refuse it. For example, if the land is located in a horticultural partnership, then, according to the Town-Planning Code of the Russian Federation, the construction of a varnish-and-paint plant will not be authorized use of this plot of land, and the construction will be considered illegal. Therefore, before you buy a plot for production facilities, be sure to review the documents or consult a lawyer;
  • Infrastructure for transport, that is, future logistics opportunities for the sale of products, if the land is in a favorable position relative to transport routes (rail, sea, or road), then it is worthwhile to put a check in favor of this plot, as more favorable for production facilities;
  • The communications certainly connected or located near the chosen plot of land (gas, water, electricity, Internet, etc.) are beneficial for production facilities. This will naturally affect the value of the land purchased: it will be more expensive than the one where they are not. However, it is worth drawing attention to the fact that you will need them during the construction of the plant; in addition, carrying out communications alone will require additional investment from the entrepreneur, as well as time and execution of the relevant documentation. This can greatly slow down the process of construction.


Arranging a manufacturing lands for building

When arranging plots for production facilities, you should consult a lawyer or get advice from the very beginning. So, first of all, only a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur can get a manufacturing land for building production facilities on it or to buy it out. Enterprises that have the form of state property are deprived of this right. Further, it is necessary to carefully study the town-planning documentation, if the selected plot for production facilities, belongs to the category of land that does not permit this type of activity and is intended for other uses, it will create additional difficulties for the entrepreneur, in particular, the time spent on transferring land to another category. For example, when buying agricultural land and its transfer to the industrial category, it is necessary to find arguments for justifying this transfer—that the land has lost its designated purpose and is no longer suitable for the development of agriculture on it. And the last thing: when buying a plot for production facilities, you should carefully study the tax base. Starting in 2016, the tax began to be calculated on the basis of the cadastral valuation of the land, that is, at market prices; thus, the tax on plots for production facilities will on average automatically increase by several times. At the same time, if the payment is incorrect or incomplete, the penalty for the owner of the land, according to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, will be about 20% of the annual tax. Before acquiring the ownership of manufacturing land, also pay attention to the indicators that form the tax on land purchased in 2017.