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All you need to know about manufacturing land in Russia

Who benefits from the lease of manufacturing land in Russia?

In recent years, there has been an increased interest of foreign investors in economic cooperation with Russia and the implementation of business projects in its territory. In particular, one of the most popular areas is the localization of production in Russia. Now, throughout the country, foreign, Russian and, of course, joint production enterprises are actively opening. That is why the demand for manufacturing land has recently increased in an unprecedented way. Practically all regions of Russia offer plots for production facilities in ownership, lease of manufacturing land, and industrial land in leasing. In Russia, the lease of manufacturing land is in great demand among businesses. Entrepreneurs, who are not confident in the stability of the economic situation and do not have free funds, prefer to direct the main resources to the operating activities of the enterprise. And it is the leased industrial land that allows them to save money and gives opportunities for further development and expansion of enterprises.


Industrial land: advice on how to choose

On the one hand, a manufacturing land should satisfy certain legal requirements, and, on the other hand, it should meet the criteria for the profitability of your business project. When choosing a plot, where further construction of industrial buildings is planned for the location of production, it is important to take into account a number of conditions. - The plot for production facilities should be located at a sufficient distance from localities, especially when it is about harmful or hazardous production. There are building codes and rules that describe the requirements for the sanitary protection zones of an enterprise, depending on the type of activity. - Manufacturing land should have an attractive transport potential. In the future, this will depend on the quality of the implementation of such processes as the supply of raw materials and the organization of sales of finished products. - The ability to lay the lines to the plot. The plot for the future production should have the necessary engineering infrastructure. It is necessary to supply water, sewerage, electricity, and heating to the industrial facility. From the point of view of optimizing the financial and time costs, it is best to lease or purchase a plot for production facilities from the operator of industrial lands, who has taken care of the transport accessibility of the land and the availability of its engineering infrastructure beforehand. In addition to the above, developers of industrial areas guarantee the legal purity of the plot and the correspondence of the category of land for its designated purpose. Buying a plot for production facilities in an industrial park, you not only avoid various risks, such as non-receipt of technical specifications, problems with transferring land in the correct category, and others but also take care of the problems related to the design of the plot of land for rent or in ownership. In addition, you are most likely to find the hopes of counterparts and consumers of your products in the person of other residents, becoming a resident of an industrial park. As a result, this will save you on logistics costs.