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What should be foreseen when leasing a manufacturing land

First of all, in order to open a new manufacture, it is necessary to find a suitable land that will meet certain requirements specific to each industry. The overwhelming majority of owners of industrial enterprises prefers the lease of a manufacturing land, its purchase. An obvious advantage of leasing the manufacturing lands is that it does not require such a monetary cost as buying the same land. Moreover, the purchase of land is not so profitable not only from the financial side, but also from the time costs—it may take a year or two to obtain various permits, including for the construction.

What should be taken into account before you lease a manufacturing land

It is very important to correctly approach the choice of the developer who will lease out a manufacturing land to you. This important aspect will make it easier for you to solve most of the possible problems, and the lease of a manufacturing land will be comfortable from the moment the deal is concluded. A reliable lessor will not let you down in case of any trouble; he will provide acceptable prices and a contract beneficial to both parties. A reasonable rate of the lease of a manufacturing land will allow you to invest most of your profits in the development of your manufacture. The leasing the manufacturing lands may not be limited to one region; you can lease lands for manufacturing in different regions, thereby expanding your business throughout the country.

The economic situation in Russia, which has significantly changed in recent years, has affected at almost all areas. The leasing market has undergone significant changes, in particular now the lease of a manufacturing land costs a completely different amount than before the crisis, and this difference is not always in the direction of increasing the cost. For example, there has been a tendency for a long time to reduce the prices for leasing lands for manufacturing in several leading industrial regions of the country, such as the Moscow region. At the same time, experts predict an increase in the cost of leasing land for a manufacture in Podmoskovye in the next two years.


What is included in the cost of the lease of manufacturing

It is worthwhile to figure out what all the same is the value of the lease of a manufacturing land. In this case, the key factor is the favorable location of this plot of land in relation to the entire infrastructure. Certainly, the closer it is to it—the higher its price. Also a very important factor is the availability of services, such as water supply, electricity wiring, and so on. Services are the main component of the productive and continuous operation of industrial productions. Often, the availability of natural resources such as water bodies or woodland is critical for some specific types of manufacturing. Moreover, the characteristics of land and terrain are carefully assessed, and also how far the lands are from transport routes and settlements – this is a very important point, because industrial facilities cannot be located too close to residential ones.

It is possible to lease a manufacturing land in an industrial park. The advantage of such a transaction is that you can be assured of the favorable location of your plot, services laid and transparent terms of the contract.