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The advantages of the lease of manufacturing land in Russia

The lease of manufacturing land in Russia is in demand by Russian and foreign businesses. Entrepreneurs prefer the lease of manufacturing land to the acquisition of plots in ownership, realizing that the investment of fixed assets in the stones is futile and that it is much more efficient to direct financial flows to the company’s operating activities. A plot for production facilities for lease in Russia is not a luxury, and now it is available to almost any small and medium-sized enterprise. Lands of industrial purpose or with the possibility of changing the category to industrial one are widely represented in the industrial property market in Russia.

The main rules of the lease of manufacturing land.

How not to get lost in the existing abundance of commercial real estate proposals and how to make the right choice? First of all, when choosing a plot for production facilities for lease, the following factors should be considered. - The remoteness of the industrial land from the city and localities. In accordance with the approved building codes and regulations, the industrial land should have a sanitary protection zone fixed in regulatory legal acts, depending on the type of production. For example, lands in special industrial zones, away from localities, is usually reserved for industrial facilities that can damage the environment and pollute the air, water, and soil as a result of their activities. - Transport accessibility. Before leasing a manufacturing land, you need to think about how the raw materials will be delivered to the place of production and how the finished products will then be sent for sale, whether there are transport opportunities for this — an extensive road network, airports, and railway stations nearby. For example, if we talk about Moscow and the Moscow region, then the transport and logistics infrastructure is well developed, which cannot be said about the regions of the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East.

lease of manufacturing land

The transport potential of a plot for production facilities, which you want to lease, is one of the most important conditions for the profitability of the future business project. - Availability/possibility of laying the lines to the plot. The communal infrastructure of the plot that you plan to lease for production facilities is no less important than its transport accessibility. As a general rule, if the lease of manufacturing land is carried out in an industrial park, the problem of providing the plot with communications — power supply, water, sewerage, gas, etc. — is removed from the business. Industrial developers lease plots with already supplied communications and ready-for-use engineering infrastructure facilities. It is for this reason, at first glance, it may seem that the prices for the lease of manufacturing land from industrial developers are slightly higher than the average for the market. However, by simple calculations, one can be sure that the options included in the services of industrial parks, in particular providing the facilities of residents with communal infrastructure, will be much more expensive if you rent an independent plot and make the necessary documentation, lay engineering networks, etc. by yourself. - Type of a licensed project. It is very important to make sure that by leasing a plot suitable for you according to the three parameters listed above, you can subsequently build a facility on it with the assignment that is permissible on this plot. As a rule, the management companies of industrial parks strictly monitor this and advise potential and current residents on these issues. When cooperation with proven industrial developers, the situation when the plot is leased, but, for some reason, the construction of a pharmaceutical plant on it, for example, is impossible, are excluded. The same applies to situations where a plot of land has hidden encumbrances and a dark legal history. You can protect yourself from such risks when you lease of manufacturing land only by contacting a competent developer of industrial parks, who values its reputation.