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Trends in the land market for the organization of production in the Moscow region

Land for production and warehouse plots in Moscow region

Land as a place of production localization is an important condition for the operation of an industrial enterprise. In turn, the Moscow region represents a well-developed land market with an intensive growth of industrial production. The Moscow region provides great opportunities for the implementation of industrial projects: the total land area of the region is about 4.5 million hectares: most of it is occupied by forested areas and field, the rest includes land of settlements, industrial purposes and so on. Good vehicle access and well-developed infrastructure – all these factors make the Moscow region one of the priority places for purchasing land for production or warehouses.

The volatile economic situation of the past few years has affected the market of land for production in the Moscow region. For example, the prices for land lots have fallen significantly. If you compare with the 2014-2015 period, you can see a drop in prices by an average of 30-50%. High liquidity, as well as a trend for import substitution, motivates small and medium-sized businesses to develop new areas and invest finance in buying land for production in the region. In addition, a rather favorable economic competitive environment has developed for small companies, because large companies (especially foreign ones), on the contrary, do not seek to expand production areas, fearing the consequences of political and economic sanctions.

zemlya pod proizvodstvo v moskovskoy oblasti

Choosing a land for production and warehouses – what one needs to know?

So, what is the total price of land for production in the Moscow region composed of?

One of the key factors is the location. The closer to the capital is the land planned for production or warehouses, the more expensive it will be. The most demanded lands are lands for production, including in settlements, located in an area within 20-30 km from MKAD. The presence of communications also significantly affects the price of the plot. Of course, if it already has electricity, water and other necessary communications, then the purchase of such land for production will be somehow more expensive.

The price of land also depends on the terrain and the size of the land, the quality of the access roads, and the availability of a nearby water body and forest (or lack thereof). It is worth noting that when choosing the land used for production in the Moscow region, small areas of 0.2-2 hectares are in the priority.

Purchasing a land for production can be a key event for the development of your business. If you need land for production, land for warehouses, and you have chosen the Moscow region, you need to carefully study market offers. It is advisable to refer to specialists who, based on the specifics of your business, as well as the budget, will consider all options for the land for production, including in the settlements of the Moscow region, that correspond to your possibilities.

Nowadays, industrial parks provide resident companies with all the necessary conditions for the easy creation of businesses and the development of industrial activities. Resident seekers of land for production in the Moscow region can purchase plots already fully equipped with all necessary communications. Thus, the developer will assume all levels of preparation of the site for work: from clearance to putting the site into operation.

The land market of the Moscow Region plays an important role in building the new economic system of Russia. With this in view, the authorities of the region keep developing new preferential terms for those who want to implement industrial projects. Land for production in the Moscow region is becoming a promising target for development and investments.