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Industrial sites construction services

Industrial and civil sites construction specifics in Russia

Industrial sites construction, as well as building civil structures (public and office buildings, motorway service facilities such as gas stations, eats, shops, etc.) is tied with considerable financial costs from entrepreneurs and investors that decided to locate manufacturing in Russia.

industrial sites construction

You will avoid extra and unreasonable costs that usually accompany industrial and civil sites construction, being supported by market professionals, experienced commercial realty developers who carry out all works turnkey, from future facility draft to putting it into operation. Erection of industrial and civil buildings and structures always starts with design process that includes a broad range of works to create an integral system of architectural, structural, technological, engineering, and design solutions. The starting stage of industrial and civil sites construction is very important. Indeed, developer’s conscious approach at the starting stage ensures the future construction’s quality, erected structures serviceability, comfort, longevity, and safety.

What you need to know about large industrial sites construction?

If you face a need for large industrial site construction, it will be quite reasonable to turn to a company that is not a newcomer to industrial realty development market, that has proved to be a dependable partner and has positive client feedback and acknowledgments. Such market players mainly work with established and experienced contractors possessing and excellent reputation in their field. Developers thoroughly check contractors’ activities. As a result, the client is given a guarantee of high quality of design and construction itself, as well as timely putting industrial sites to operation.


Nowadays, developers offer two models for industrial sites construction, these are greenfield and brownfield. Greenfield industrial site construction implies developing entirely new plot of land, literally green field, later made suitable for allocation industrial/technoparks that allow to build and run an industrial facility. Greenfields are actually new construction sites, unlike brownfields that consist in redevelopment, reconstruction or modernization of operational or erstwhile manufacturing facility. In fact, brownfield type industrial site construction is either existing manufacturing facility reconstruction, or construction of new manufacturing buildings, but still located at former industrial site that stand empty due to inefficient operation or outdated infrastructure, communications, etc. When considering different options for industrial and civil sites construction, you can turn to professional developers for advice, efficiency estimation of existing project or developing a new industrial sites construction project.