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Industrial park is the best practice of industrial development in Russia

What is an industrial park?

Many people ask: "Industrial park, what is it"? Industrial park is a site created directly for the purpose of placing different production plants on it. Referring to its concept, industrial park, is attractive, first of all, by the availability of the necessary communications on its territory, convenient infrastructure, as well as existing tax concessions for residents of the park and support from the authorities in the form of subsidies. In addition, industrial park allows for the concentration of a variety of basic or ancillary industrial facilities within the same territory.

It should be mentioned that in the past few years Russia has almost fully developed a legislative framework that defines the status and direction of activity of industrial park.

Depending on the scale of production, industrial parks can be classified by two categories:

  • greenfield, when a resident receives a plot of land where he independently constructs the production facilities or warehouses;
  • brownfield when a resident rents or purchases prepared facilities.

In addition, industrial parks differ in their way of ownership. There are public or private industrial parks. In order to fully evaluate the attractiveness of the industrial park for investment, attention should be paid to the management of the park, with three forms of governance in this regard:

  1. With the help of a management company (MC),
  2. The ability to manage is delegated to the so-called anchor resident,
  3. There is no management company and the residents are enlisting third-party organizations to service their projects.

In Russia, where most of the industrial parks of state ownership predominate, the administration carried out through the MC is the most common.


The Association of Industrial Parks is the industry development mechanism.

The development of the industrial parks system in the RF began relatively recently, some 8-10 years ago. To date, industrial parks continue to develop, but in comparison with the countries of Europe and Asia, we are still far behind in this regard.

The milestone in the industry development was the establishment of the Association of Industrial Parks in 2010, which brings together different representatives in the field.

The Association of Industrial Parks annually monitors the industry, identifying new market trends. Despite the stagnation of the economy, the industrial park, being the industry branch, continues to grow. With each year, the number of industrial parks increases by an average of 25%. According to the results of the latest research of the Association of the Industrial Parks, only in 2016, 146 parks were registered in Russia.

In terms of geographical location, the largest number of industrial parks is concentrated in Moscow, Leningrad, Ulyanovsk, Kaluga regions. The Republic of Tatarstan is also among the leaders.

Industrial park is an engine for the development of world industry and economic growth in the Russian Federation. In assessing the importance of the industry, the state has so far contributed to its improvement by devising new ways of supporting it. Moreover, the development of industrial parks is also important for the people of Russia, because their functioning provides citizens with an increase in the number of jobs.