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How to proceed if you decide to lease a manufacturing land

Term of the lease of a manufacturing land

How to lease a manufacturing land – this issue worries both experienced businessmen and those who are just planning to open their business. A lease can be short-term – up to 1 year, long-term – for up to 49 years, or indefinite – in this case, the contract can be terminated at any time.

If you are thinking about how to lease a manufacturing land, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of this procedure. There are several options, how you can lease a manufacturing land:

  • to participate in a tendering, which is initiated by the local authorities: such events are usually advertised in printed publications;
  • to issue a lease without a tendering.

How can you lease yourselves a land for manufacturing: for this, you have to apply to the municipality to select the plot of land in order to further participate in a tendering. If the lease of a manufacturing land for yourselves occurs without an auction, the registration of this plot of land is not foreseen.


Procedure for obtaining the lease of a manufacturing land

How to proceed if necessary to lease a land for manufacturing:

  • Find a manufacturing land for lease, suitable for your manufacture. For convenience, you can use the map of lands (public cadastral map), on the website of the Russian State Register or contact the municipality;
  • Order a cadastral certificate for the desired plot of land (if this plot is already registered);
  • Create a scheme of your plot in the area that suits you. A cadastral engineer, which you need to contact will help you;
  • Write an application. The request for prior approval must necessarily be in the application. You can apply by enclosing the scheme of the plot of land in the most convenient way for you:
    • personally;
    • sending them by registered mail;
    • sending an e-mail.
  • Wait for the decision: usually it takes no more than a month. If you are lucky, and no one else is applying for your plot (if there were no registered applications other than yours), most likely your application will be approved and transferred to you. It happens that several applicants submitted the schemes at the same time, and the border coordinates coincide on these schemes (in fragments or completely coincide): in this case, the application submitted earlier will be considered first;
  • If your application is approved, contact the cadastral engineer, who will make a delimitation plan for you for an additional fee;
  • Obtain an appropriate decision, which you then need to submit to the Cadastre in order to put the plot on the register;
  • Submit a set of documents to the authorities for concluding a lease agreement;
  • Sign the contract and register with the Russian State Register.

If you already know how and where to lease a manufacturing land, it will be superfluous to get acquainted with some features of this process.

If the land is located in the territory that provides for any restrictions related to the use of the plot, then the lease agreement must specify the operating conditions. For example, if a plot is located near a reservoir, the lessee is obliged to provide free access to it.

If the permanent structures are located on the plot, then their owners have the exclusive right to lease this plot. How to lease a manufacturing land – we hope our article helped you to understand this complicated matter. However, it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that the process of registering a lease is often accompanied by some difficulties – whether it is often changing laws, bureaucratic red tape, or, elementary, a human factor. Therefore, if you are faced with the question of how to lease a manufacturing land with the least losses, thoroughly study all the nuances associated with it.