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What do you need to know about the food production land?

How to choose an industrial land for food production

The food processing industry is a sphere that is in demand at all times. People always need food and the demand for food is always strong enough. That gives the possibility to recover all the investments in the premises and food production land in a relatively short term.

Launching of food production is a big responsibility because the number of requirements for both production itself and the final product is much more than for any other. Besides, one of the significant drawbacks of this production category is the quality of the raw materials used – they have a very limited shelf life, and also require special conditions: equipped warehouses, refrigerating chambers. It is especially difficult when the raw materials are brought from afar. However, if you choose a suitable food production land, that will considerably facilitate your task. First of all, you need to choose the proper region, where the food production land will be located. An excellent investment will be a contribution to the food production land in the southern regions of the country – the agriculture is developed there especially well. Even if you plan to open a small company, you can still take up such types of production as:

  • dairy foods;
  • fish and meat processing;
  • cereals;
  • flour milling;
  • confectionary shop and many others.
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      What do you need to know about the food production land status and what role does it play?

      Choosing the proper conditions, such as well-equipped premises with communications and a food production land, you can easily set up the production process and can even export to other countries or sell to other regions of Russia. However, it is important to remember about the production control program (it has its peculiar properties depending on product type), and compliance with the technological conditions, as well as the necessity to pass inspections of Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance) of both the production itself and the products.

      A very important factor is also the food production land status. A discrepancy in the land plot designation purpose may cause major problems, including industrial construction permit and taxes. You must remember that when buying or leasing an industrial land, its status must be “Agricultural use” and/or “Production activity”. What is the possibility to change the food production land status? Allowed or not allowed to change it depends on many nuances. In some cases, it is prohibited by the law, but sometimes it is possible to find the solution. In each specific case, all the documents and legal regime of the industrial land use are considered separately. The decision also depends on regulations adopted by the local self-governing authorities on changing the type of permitted land use. In any case, when choosing the industrial land, it is necessary to consult an experienced lawyer.

      This is also necessary when assessing the manufacturing land value. It is obligatory to compare the market prices and to determine, of what the offered manufacturing land value is formed, exactly the land plot you liked. Please, be attentive with the documentation.