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What business needs to know about the cost of water for enterprises in 2017

How are water rates for enterprises formed

Since the summer of 2017, rates for housing and public utility services have risen in Moscow, and, as a result, the cost of water for enterprises, along with other services such as gas, sewerage, and electricity, has been increased by 4%. And it should be noted that the indexation of rates for housing and public utility services is made annually. In order to understand the difference between water rates for an enterprise, it is necessary to understand what the principal differences in pricing for utility services for an entrepreneur and for an individual.

There are four groups of consumers of services, hence the hot and cold water rates are calculated:

  • citizens – performers of public services;
  • budgetary structures and organizations;
  • legal entities, the business sector and owners of non-residential buildings;
  • sewage and water-pressure organizations.

At the same time, there are no clear normative rules for water consumption by the third category, so the cost of water for enterprises is calculated according to two scenarios as if having a two-component rate.

  • The cost of water for enterprises is calculated, based on the water flow recorded by the meter.

This option is the most beneficial to the entrepreneur (in the second paragraph, we will understand why), therefore, if the water meter is not installed, it is necessary to apply with the relevant application for installation to a service organization that installs water meters, or to seek help from a management company for this house. In the case that there is no water counting device, the calculation of the cost of water for a specific enterprise will be based on:

  • the terms of the contract with the company that provides water supply services. In this case, between the enterprise and the servicing company rules will be established, according to which the water rates for the enterprise will be calculated;
  • or the terms of the Rules for the use of water supply and sewerage systems based on the current Government Decision No. 167 (02/12/1999).

In this case, the cost of water for enterprises will be calculated according to the bandwidth capabilities of the common water supply. In fact, it will be considered that the work is done around the clock, and the speed of the water flow is 1.2 m/s. That is, the cost of water consumption for the enterprise will be calculated by the volume of water disposal.

Since July 1, 2017, residents of Moscow have faced another increase in utility rates, which has affected the increase in both rates for water and sewerage.


Hot and cold water rates for enterprises in 2017

As we know, the calculation of water is based on the volume, so the needs of the enterprise will be counted per cubic meter. Since July 1, 2017, there has been an indexation of utility rates, including cold and hot water rates for enterprises.

Thus, hot water rates for enterprises amounted to 180 rubles 55 kopecks, cold water rates for enterprise – 35 rubles 40 kopecks.

As we have discussed above, the water consumption will be assessed either on the basis of meter readings or on the existing contract. With a general calculation for the volume of water disposal, the water rate for the enterprise will be 25 rubles 12 kopecks per cubic meter.

Accordingly, when the hot water is turned off, hot water rates – for the summer shutdown period – for enterprises are also reset and counted from the new month based on the results of the hot water activation.