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How to buy a site for a warehouse on favorable terms for your own business

A warehouse site: to buy or to rent?

The development of logistics, as well as the emergence of a general idea of import substitution and an increase in the share of Russian exports, naturally requires business owners to resolve the issue of the security of both goods transportation and storage. Many people realize that the most cost-effective option is to build your own warehouse complex which, in addition to the premises itself, includes a land lot (which works better when bought and owned). Buying a lot for the warehouse construction is not the easiest of the tasks, as you need not only to find a worthwhile stretch of land but also observe a number of rules and acquire the necessary documents. To buy a warehouse lot you need the following:

  • confirmation permitting the use of the lot for building the production facility;
  • the construction must be coordinated with the local authorities for compliance with the land use regulations and the territorial plan of the buildings.


How to choose the right warehouse site and buy it

The best lots to purchase in terms of profitability are those which were previously used by large companies with attractive infrastructure and already connected communications. Therefore, when looking for land, start looking for options with lots sold specifically for warehousing purposes. The more convenient the location, the higher the value of the site. In the future, it may determine the price of warehouse complex rent, which means that the more logistics opportunities there are, the higher the rent is. Experts recommend choosing the Kiev highway in particular; the north-western and western directions are the most popular.

If you have decided to buy a warehouse site, it is important to take into account the following factors:

  • engineering networks (electrical power, telecommunications, gas etc.);
  • transport attractiveness;
  • targeted warehouse use (redrafted documentation);
  • a number of characteristics (area, location and terrain type, etc.).

Buying a site for a warehouse in Moscow, within the city, will cost you at least 5 million rubles (for 25-30 hundred sqm). It is better to consider buying a municipal land lot from an auction, the paper chase is the only drawback, letting you save up to 50%. The plus side of suburban warehouses is low construction cost, so the process of building a warehouse will be much cheaper than in the city center. However, the main condition should remain – the warehouse complex must have access roads and be located at a short distance from the main highway. At the same time, there are many people wishing to purchase agricultural land, that is, to buy a lot for a warehouse far beyond populated areas which is attractive in terms of scale and coverage of the territories. However, this option should be considered only if the site has an excellent location and all communications nearby. But there are also obvious difficulties – it is necessary to redraft documentation for state agricultural land into the industrial category in order to be able to construct a warehouse, which is a costly procedure both in terms of time and investments. As many companies note, in this case, the most important thing is to convince the authorities that the land is unfit for agricultural work. However, if the territory seems promising, you should carefully study the subtleties of the process and examine the relevant documentation before buying a land lot for a warehouse. Thus, if you are thinking about building a warehouse and buying a lot for these purposes, do carefully study the market: it offers many options. If you have chosen sides and are ready to buy a particular land lot for warehousing purposes, make sure the seller is reliable and can be trusted.