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Interactive | Articles | Gas for legal entities 2017 on the Russian industrial sites: hooking up and prices

Gas for legal entities 2017 on the Russian industrial sites: hooking up and prices

How are the gas tariffs generated for legal entities 2017 in Russia?

The prices for energy resources and utilities in Russia are among the lowest in Europe. Water, electricity, and gas for the legal entities 2017 do not make a lion’s share of the business costs, which undoubtedly attracts the entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation, in particular, those who are engaged in manufacturing. It was the low cost of gas for legal entities and other resources in 2017 that led many foreign investors to argue in favour of Russia when choosing a country to localize a particular production. How are gas tariffs for legal entities 2017 being generated in Russia? The gas price for the final consumer (private individuals and legal entities) is formed on the base of the following components:

  • controlled wholesale gas price for legal entities 2017;
  • prices of gas transportation services through the distribution networks for legal entities, and special allowances for these tariffs;
  • payment of procurement-marketing services.

As in the previous years, the State regulates gas tariffs for legal entities in 2017. It should not be forgotten, however, that the final gas value, as consumption standards for different categories of consumers, is calculated individually for each subject of the Russian Federation.


Gas for legal entities 2017: how to hook it up and how much does it cost?

In 2017, Russia retained its position in the rating of the six states with the most affordable gas for legal entities, even despite the rising tariffs on services and resources of the community facilities. If you decide to place a production in Russia and you want to know how much gas costs for legal entities, you need to consult the specialists who will provide you with the most detailed and reliable information on the basis of the tariff grid, the region data, and the specifics of your future project. So far, it is clear that: gas for legal entities in Russia is more accessible than anywhere else. Being aware of its price in Russia and understanding that the balanced gas tariff gives a huge advantage in the process of implementing production projects, foreign investors become residents of domestic industrial parks without hesitating. Today, the land areas on which the industrial sites of Russia are located are, for the most part, equipped with their own engineering infrastructure facilities or with utility networks extended to the site boundaries. The industrial parks guarantee that their residents have all the necessary communications for the future operating activities of the enterprises localized in their territory. Management companies of industrial parks provide a full range of services to the production and warehousing enterprises located on their territory. In particular, they ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the gas distribution and gas consumption systems at the sites in accordance with the approved gas rate for legal entities. It is because the economy on energy resources including the gas prices as well as labour resources, transport, and logistics costs, raw materials, the enterprises located on the Russian industrial sites are of the high level of profitability.