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A site for storage in Russia: sale, rent and leasing?

Features of a land piece sale for storage

Rent, leasing and sale – a businessperson can legalize a site for storage by one of these methods. Currently, businesses prefer to buy ownership of a site for storage because the market is rich in offers from approved industrial developers. Companies, specializing in commercial realty, offer different variants of land piece sales for storage for enterprises and companies of Moscow city region and Moscow suburbs, and other regions of Russia. During the several last years, foreign businesspersons are interested in offers of site sales for storage. Russia becomes more and more attractive country for business from the Europeans viewpoint. They are ready to localize industrial and storing facilities in Russia, therefore they are monitoring more profitable and interesting offers of land piece sales for storages and other purposes. Due to high competition between sellers of commercial land sites, price affordability for lands rises year by year. This and factors such as cheap manpower, low price for gas and electricity, large sale market in Russia and possibility to enter into Asian markets is a key for foreign investors in buying a land piece in Russia. Today, one of the most promising trends in industrial developers’ job is a land marketing, its sale, a site for storage is a head request from the businesses.


"Selling a site for production process and storage" and other offers of commercial realty market

"Selling a land piece for storage"– the Internet abounds with the similar listings. Both private individuals and companies intend to sell a site for production process or storage. On the market, there are offers of land pieces for industrial and storing application with various areas, of diverse purposes, in different regions of Russia. Businessmen who have decided to buy a land piece for storage, have a chance to choose a land piece at the most reasonable price, as realtors cater to buyers with different finances during sales. Before buying a land piece it is necessary to pay attention to the seller’s rating and, with a pinch of healthy criticism, take the listing like "Selling a site for production process" on the Internet. Before buying a site, you should be sure:

  • in the many-years experience of a seller at this market and his rating in professional circles;
  • in compliance of offered site price to mid-market price for the similar sites;
  • in absence of law cases and execution proceedings against the seller from the side of other buyers, clients.

If you have decided to buy a land piece for production purpose, the best way is to apply to the approved companies, industrial land developers which were working at Russian commercial realty market during several decades. This guaranties safety of your finances, time and your tranquility, allows to be sure in the clean title of the transaction and the proper land piece as the subject of the transaction.