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What engineering services are needed for a manufacture facility

Types of engineering services in the manufacture

Before going into details, it is necessary to explain what is engineering services in the manufacture. So, engineering services are something without which the production facility will not be able to work fully, that is the complex of structures and systems needed for manufacture needs.

In particular, we can distinguish the following set of engineering services systems for functional work in the manufacture:

  • power supply;
  • water supply;
  • heat supply;
  • gas supply;
  • sewerage;
  • communications;
  • ventilation and air-conditioning;
  • fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems.

These systems are classified according to several characteristics, which are determined by the location relative to the facility, that is, internal and external services.

  • External services include external constructions: power grids, pipes for water supply, etc.
  • Internal services include engineering services in the manufacture, which are located inside: a system of sewerage, heating, electricity wiring, etc.

In addition, engineering services at production facilities are located both on the ground and under, and even above the ground. When carrying out work on laying of services, the choice of the method is based on a technical and economic comparison.

By comparison, let’s consider the structure of the arrangement of heat supply systems by the example of an industrial park. External systems can be represented as urban heating systems or heat points. In turn, internal systems can represent stand-alone and stand-by boiler houses or hot water systems.

Another important point: if you are just going to build an industrial facility and are considering options with a manufacturing land, then the nearby services, especially electricity, is an indisputable advantage.


Advantages of a manufacturing land with services

In considering the options of an industrial land, it is necessary to pay attention to the infrastructure, that is, which services are laid alongside.

Firstly, a manufacturing land with services is much cheaper than buying land in an “open” field. Since when carrying out the work on the laying of services required for the operation of an industrial facility, both additional funds will be required, and additional paper red tape will appear in the form of collecting documents permitting this or that technological connection.

Furthermore, the construction phase in the manufacture will become more complicated without engineering services, such as electricity. It will be necessary first to coordinate the laying of electrical grids with the local authorities, to collect the necessary documentation for the technological connection, taking into account the manufacture capacities required, to contact the company that will install and lay the grids. We must emphasize separately that the farther the plot from the power source, the more expensive to lay work. Just after the electricity connection is made, the construction of the industrial facility itself can begin.

Thus, a manufacturing land with nearby engineering services, as well as a transport system, is an economically viable option for an investor interested in building such a facility.