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Electric-power production in Russia and prices for industrial enterprises

Electric power generation in Russia: business opportunities.

Russia is a country which is rich in significant volumes of fossil energy reserves. In addition, Russia has a very good renewable energy potential. As of today, our country is among of the ten most energy-rich countries. Speaking about the electric-power industry it is important to note that the production of electricity in Russia in 2016 increased on 2% compared to the level of 2015. Thus, last year, according to the official figures, electricity generation amounted to 1.087 trillion kWh. Of course, this is a positive trend, as in the structure of electricity consumption in Russia there are about 36% is consumed by industrial enterprises. And the growth in electricity generation in Russia, of course, albeit indirectly but indicates growth in production in various industries. Electricity production in Russia is provided by more than 600 power plants of various types, like thermal, hydraulic, nuclear ones and facilities for generating electricity from alternate energy sources. To ensure the comfortable operation of industrial enterprises on the industrial estates of Russia, developers of industrial parks offer residents a ready-to-operate utility infrastructure to which production facilities, including electrical substations of various capacities, can connect. In Russia, such substations of various capacities provide business facilities with electricity. As a whole, electricity rates in Russia are rather low and differ in the different regions of our country. So, in 2016 the rates ranged from RUB 0.97 per 1 kWh in the Irkutsk region to RUB 8.174 kWh in the Kamchatka Territory. In Russia, intensive generation of electric power in 2016 allowed to ensure a high level of energy consumption by both individuals and industrial enterprises.


Production in Russia: availability of electricity for business in 2016

In recent years, industrial production in our country is developing at a rapid pace, therefore, electricity production in Russia is also growing. So, in Russia, in 2016 the output of electric power generation has increased in comparison with 2015.Due to affordable prices for electricity in Russia, production located in the Russian Federation appears to be particularly beneficial compared to projects in countries with more expensive energy resources. The management companies of industrial parks in Russia provide residents with various services which are necessary for the support of operational activities of their enterprises. In particular, in the industrial parks of Russia, the ready engineering and utility infrastructure are at the disposal of residents. The production enterprises can count on electric power generation of various capacity; they can increase their electric power consumption if necessary. At the same time, industrial parks take care of obtaining technical conditions and bringing service lines directly to the industrial site in general and to residents’ facilities in particular.Despite annual increase in electricity rates in Russia, the country remains one of the cheapest in the world, which is why foreigners are increasingly thinking about localizing production in our country in recent years.