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Interactive | Articles | Cheap electrical power is one of Russia's advantages for deployment of production facilities

Cheap electrical power is one of Russia's advantages for deployment of production facilities

Foreign investors launch production in the Russian industrial parks offering cheapest electrical power

According to the survey of the profiles of the residents of the Russian Federation industrial sites, which was performed by DEGA development, by 2017 the share of foreign companies in industrial parks of Russia was over 22%, while the share of foreign projects delivered jointly with Russian companies accounted for 7 %. This a good figure versus the figures reported for the recent years. Our country is rich in raw materials and labour, it has a huge capacity for marketing of products and is the only state in Europe with low energy tariffs for business sector. Russia is the state with the cheapest electrical power among the European countries (the difference in tariffs for enterprises is about 25%). It is exactly the cheap electrical power in Russia that makes our country so attractive for foreign businesses. Thus, the top three countries completing in deployment of production and logistical complexes in Russia are France, Germany and the United States. Among the top priority sectors for foreign residents of Russian industrial parks are the automotive industry, production of consumables, consumer goods, building materials, food industry, metallurgy and other sectors. The above listed industries require big amounts of energy consumption, so the question of where is in Russia the cheapest electric power in 2017 is currently highly pressing for producers as never before.


The cheapest electrical power for production is offered in industrial parks of Russia.

Russian advanced industrial sites are quite comparable with their Western peers in service level. Domestic industrial parks seek to provide for a maximum comfortable environment to attract more new residents. To this end, they use such tools as tax incentives, co-financing of resident's projects, and consolidated logistics. In addition to other services, the residents are offered the most attractive prices for energy resources of industrial sites. The managers of industrial parks and special economic zones are aware that electrical power is a substantial expense item for any enterprise. This is why the industrial sites offer a possibility to their residents to use electrical power, which is almost the cheapest in Russia! Generally industrial parks provide their residents with their in-house self-sufficient infrastructure and with all communications, required, including power supply. This approach enables residents to promptly and with minimized costs achieve objectives related to adaptation of industrial facilities with additional business requirements. Thus, power consumption can be promptly increased by request of the client with up to 15% saving of the client' s funds. Along with the other economic advantages of our country, the cheap electrical power in Russia serves a valid basis for a clear-cut answer to the question of where, if not in Russia, the production should be deployed? For more information on how electrical power tariffs are established for businesses, and where in Russia the cheapest electric power can be found in 2017, please call our hot line service.