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AmCham Business Mission to the Lipetsk Oblast


As part of a drive to intensify our regional business advocacy, the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia organized a business mission to the Lipetsk Oblast in partnership with Dega Development on April 17-18, 2018.

The goal of the mission was to provide AmCham member companies and our partner organizations with first-hand information on investment opportunities in the Lipetsk Oblast. Within the framework of the mission, a number of business meetings and events took place, including a meeting with the leadership of the region represented by Deputy Head of the Lipetsk administration Andrey Kozoderov, head of the Department of Investment and International Cooperation Sergei Sharonin and other leaders, as well as a meeting with head of Chaplyginsky Region Nikolai Klimov. The program of the mission included a presentation of business development opportunities in the Lipetsk and Chaplyginskaya Special Economic Zones, and a visit to the Dega Chaplygin Industrial Park. The mission participants also had an opportunity to hear about prospects for the development of clusters in the Lipetsk Oblast and the experience of localized companies and to visit to the PPG Industries production facility. In addition, the AmCham’s Business Club traditionally took place on the sidelines of the mission.

The business mission was attended by executives of such companies as AmRusTrans, Antal, Bayer, Cargill, Honeywell, NCH Capital and others. The events were attended by the media representatives.