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Interactive | Articles | What do you need to know about industrial design and construction of industrial facilities?

What do you need to know about industrial design and construction of industrial facilities?

Who should be entrusted with the construction and repair of industrial facilities?

The industrial design and construction of industrial facilities require colossal resources from entrepreneurs and investors who decided to localize production in Russia. The industrial construction and facilities renovation involves the investment of both temporary and financial resources. Generally, experienced industrial developers provide the widest range of services, from the proposal of industrial sites and their design to the immediate erection of buildings with all necessary communications and infrastructure, or repair of existing buildings and commissioning. It should not be saved on industrial design and construction of industrial facilities because, in practice, this desire to optimize costs only leads to more expenses. The optimal solution in this situation is to choose a reliable, professional partner with a perfect reputation, proven themselves in the market of the industrial development for several years.


Industrial construction and facilities renovation — what to choose?

First of all, if you decide to locate production in Russia, you need to find out what is more profitable for you: to construct a new building that meets all up-to-date standards, or to renovate an already existing building, making rearrangement, replacing necessary communications, and so on. As a rule, the facilities renovation, in contrast to the industrial construction, is more complex and expensive procedures. The renovation of buildings and structures in addition to overhaul can mean a significant change in the characteristics of the facility: number of storeys, engineering services, and building elements. Most often, the renovation is carried out with a change in the building facade. Sometimes it turns out that, from the point of view of economic benefits, it is easier for the business owner to think about the erection of a new building than the renovation of the old one. An industrial developer, you can fully trust, should have many years of experience in this field, a positive feedback from clients, and customers` recommendations.



All you need to know about choosing an industrial site

If you decide to localize your production in Russia, then you will not have any problems with the search for a site: today the Russian industrial property market is full of offers of brownfields and greenfields. It will be much more difficult to understand this huge number of proposals and make the right choice. For the implementation of some projects, a standard industrial facility, provided with the necessary infrastructure, is quite suitable. In Russian industrial parks, such areas can now be rented, bought out, or leased. But it will be more appropriate to think about the construction of an industrial facility that fully meets all the requirements of production, which is planned to be placed there, to implement more ambitious projects, buildings for which should have special characteristics. In order to not miscalculate and choose the most suitable industrial site, it is necessary to consider the following factors: – the region of the site location (there are regional programs to support different types of production, subsidies, tax incentives, etc.); – level of development of the road and transport network; – equipment of the industrial site with the necessary engineering infrastructure, utilities, or the possibility of their supply; – availability of raw materials; – availability of labor resources (location of human settlements, near the site).