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Interactive | Articles | A production sector, an industry and their role in the development of the Russian economy

A production sector, an industry and their role in the development of the Russian economy

A production sector, an industry, and a manufacture are the foundation of the economy

If we talk about the production sector as the main industry that characterizes the country’s economic potential, then the necessity of its development is beyond doubt. A production sector “an industry” is another important component of the entire economic complex of the Russian Federation. Its main task is to provide the country with the necessary materials; the production sector is also the main conductor of the spread of scientific and technical progress and, on the whole, provides a comfortable standard of living for citizens and additional employment. If to define a production sector, then this is the industry of the future, which must be maintained at the highest state level.

Despite the economic difficulties, the number of facilities in a production sector and an industry in the Russian Federation is quite high; today, there are about 460 thousand of them.

Industrial enterprises currently have a different specialization. Over time, human labor has been consistently divided in the directions, as a result of which the types of production facilities also changed. To date, the production sector is an industry, which distinguishes eleven industry areas:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • fuel;
  • electric power industry;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • metalworking;
  • petrochemical and chemical;
  • timber;
  • pulp-and-paper ;
  • light industry;
  • food;
  • woodworking industry.

The entire world industry of a production sector is divided into two categories:

  • The extractive industry; it includes the search for minerals, as well as the extraction, for example, of fish and seafood, etc.
  • The manufacturing industry; these are all enterprises that process different products: agricultural, timber raw materials, as well as all products of the extractive industry.


A world industry of a production sector and its location in Russia

A production sector, an industry, and a manufacture – all this constitutes a common complex of facilities that are closely related to one another. During the search for a suitable location of manufacture facilities, different forms of their organization appeared on a territorial basis.

There are two economic zones in the Russian Federation:

  • the Western zone, which includes the European part of the Russian Federation (as well as the Ural). Most of the facilities in the manufacturing industry are located in these territories;
  • the Eastern zone includes Siberia and the Far East. Unlike the Western one, fuel and energy, as well as mineral and raw material resources, prevail in it.

There are approximately thirty industrial regions in the territory of the Russian Federation, and they are used depending on the direction of development of the economy of the area in which the production sector and its industry are located.

Even despite the ongoing economic crisis, the Russian Federation continues to hold the title of one of the world leaders in the industry. Over the past few years, you can see how young professionals are growing their desire to find jobs in the production sector, an industry, and a manufacture. In addition, the technical re-equipment of many industrial enterprises is continuing, and all processes are automated, which not only increases the quantitative indicators of the output, but also its quality. As part of the development of the world industry of a production sector, only Russian manufacturing is strengthening its potential.