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Manufacturing in Russia - simplified
More than 40 renowned domestic
and foreign residents
8 industrial parks across Russia
Ready-to-use buildings with capital
friendly rent-to-own solutions
State of the art decentralized
utilities & infrastructure
Shared service concept
to keep your costs low

Dega Development — developing industrial parks

Dega Development is part of the Swiss-based holding Dega Group. We are developing, erecting and operating Bogorodsky Industrial Park in Russia since 2005. From every perspective, we offer you trusted experience and leadership. Our model ensures you reap the greatest benefit of manufacturing in Russia, all while operating within a compliant and secure legal framework.

We enable our clients to initiate Russia manufacturing and distribution operations quickly and securely. At the same time we are minimizing risks and costly first-time mistakes and offer a fully integrated service-package.



The results of our efforts are palpable:

years experience
renowned residents
2 100 000 000
€ attracted direct investment
256 000
m2 build-up area

Manufacturing in Russia – simplified!

Through a combination of decentralized utility network, shared services approach, build-to-suit solutions as well as innovative financing models, our clients gain truly powerful economies of scale that add up to strong cost advantages with both short and long-term benefits.

Going even further, Dega also continually invests in itself with people, systems and new technologies — all of which translates into better services and new business models.

Our services

The Project Development procedure, from concept through feasibility studies, finance structuring, funding and construction to operation, is a complex, intricate and multi-staged process where the promoter and other project stakeholders require continuous specialist support.
Dega provides this financial, commercial & project management support and utilises its specialist expertise in development and construction as well as skilled resources to support the entire project development process.
Dega assists customers with every aspect of their construction requirements, thereby freeing them from the complications of land procurement and approvals, substantially diminishing the requirement of investing own capital.
Our model enables customers to focus on their core business, confident that they have reliable environment and no regulatory disturbances.
Step 1 – Project finance
One of the Dega’s key aims is to support domestic and foreign small and medium-sized enterprises in establishing a manufacturing in Russia.

To do that, we may make equity and loan financing available to SMEs through a wide range of partners and instruments:

  • One stop shop project finance
  • Mezzanine finance & equity
  • Long-term loans from domestic and foreign bancs, funds, investors
  • Interest rate subsidies

According to our slogan “No money in bricks” we are offering in-house rent-to-own building solutions to keep your financial involvement as low as possible.

Step 2 – Plot of land & utilities
Our land includes clear title, industrial zoning and decentralized utilities such as electricity, water supply, effluent treatment, telecommunication and a fully developed road network.
We design our industrial parks in correspondence with the needs of our clients:
  • Strategical location favourable for logistics & distribution
  • Reliable technical & legal due diligence
  • Agreed Territory plan & all local permissions
  • Decentralized utilities – built and operated by Dega’s local operating companies
Step 3 – Construction
Dega builds Grade-A buildings supported by a range of outdoor facilities.
Facilities include:
  • electrical and district heat connections
  • water supply
  • domestic & rainwater sewage treatment plant
  • fire fighting system
  • security
  • parking and more
These buildings are ready-to-use, and can be leased / bought (rent-to-own solutions) and occupied on demand.

Dega’s ready-to-use buildings are flexible and can be customised based on client requirements. Customisation is available for floor load bearing capacity, overhead cranes, additional electrical, water or effluent requirements, separate entrance and compound wall, etc.

Dega also offers turnkey services to design and build facilities to meet specific customer requirements. Our team of design architects, construction engineers, supply chain experts and industry professionals brings unique design capabilities to create modern facilities consistent with client needs. A strong local base and deep local understanding ensures compliance with local norms.
Dega implements a design-to-delivery methodology from concept and pre-project management all the way through to building and commissioning. This methodology creates systems and checks to ensure that the final product is of Grade-A quality. At Dega, we understand our customers’ needs for customised business environments.
Degas’ Build-to-Suit solutions include overseeing the entire real estate process – from design, permissions, construction and project management to on-going property management, to provide our customers customized business space to efficiently meet their operational needs.
Step 4 – Services
Our support doesn’t end after commissioning: we provide shared services for your Russia manufacturing operation, typically only afforded to large companies.
Dega’s holistic service approach allows you to reduce and control indirect costs, both overhead and administrative, by leveraging costs and economies of scale.
The division of labour allows you to concentrate on your core business and build production teams that focus on the Russian manufacturing operation’s productivity rather than being distracted by or investing in key local production support service.
Services provided by Dega’s operating companies to your Russia manufacturing operation:

Facility & Property management
Dega provides fit-up, day-to-day maintenance of the facilities and 365/24 park security. Sophisticated services like maintenance of the transformer stations, rainwater treatment, a.o. are also part of our service package. Catering and Shared Bus Shuttle are also provided on demand.

We take responsibility for all recruiting and staffing, labour relations, medical services and otherPayroll
Dega ensures compliance, helps to identify class of pay, manages times and attendance, pays taxes, benefits, Social Security and federal housing reporting.

We coordinate all truck movement and we make it cost effective by consolidating our clients shipments and negotiating volume pricing with the transportation vendors.

Dega supports its clients with sourcing and purchasing of indirect materials and services in Russia. By leveraging the purchasing power of all of its clients, Dega secures important discounts from many of the group’s suppliers.
We have set up a Supplier Data Base free of charge for our clients

Government & Community Affairs
This includes support in receiving subsidies and grants, negotiating advantageous contracts with the appropriate authorities, as well as help in any disputes with the community or government.
Our Parks

Our residents

Production of industrial pumps
Total area 5,5 Hа
Resident of the park since 2013
Meffert AG
Production and distribution centre for cosmetics
Total area 5 Hа
Resident of the park since 2007
Production of industrial pumps
Total area 7,3 Hа
Resident of the park since 2016
Oriflame Cosmetics
Production of paints, varnishes and building protection
Total area 26,25 Hа
Resident of the park since 2010
Roto Frank AG
Production of window and door hardware
Total area 6 Hа
Resident of the park since 2006
Hübner GmbH
Production of automotive and railway systems
Total area 3 Hа
Resident of the park since 2006
Peri GmbH
Production and distribution of formwork and scaffolding
Total area 10 Hа
Resident of the park since 2006
Production of water purifying systems
Total area 0,7 Hа
Resident of the park since 2015



One of the primary benefits of manufacturing in Russia is tremendous cost savings the country provides to businesses. Russia boasts highly skilled, dependable labour that is 80 percent cheaper than the cost in Western countries. Moreover, companies there have access to inexpensive energy resources – power, heat, gas – as well as to a wide range of raw materials and semis. Overall, the operating costs are far lower, which is why manufacturing in Russia is such a smart decision.

Aside from the fact that the country's close proximity to high-demand markets like China, Central Asia, India means manufacturers have the opportunity to export products easily and cheaply, businesses operating in Russia have access to a wide pool of customers within the country. Beside a strong final customer market, companies have the opportunity to do business with a growing base of OEM's and Tier 1 companies that want a local supply of goods.

One of the major concerns any manufacturing company has is the availability of skilled labour. 25 years after the collapse of Soviet Union one will find in Russia not only inexpensive workforce, but also a huge amount of qualified staff with international education.

Why Russia?


The advantages of manufacturing in Russia are vast, which is why we believe, the country may become one of most interesting manufacturing economies in the near future. While open trade and proximity to China and EU are both clear selling points, the draw to Russia goes much further than those qualities alone. From food processing, to aerospace, chemical products and automotive manufacturing, a wide variety of industries are making the strategic decision to tap into Russia's resources and highly competitive environment.


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